Sunday, September 12, 2010

Study tour to Vangvieng District

 Study tour to Vangvieng District 

From 6 to 7 September 2010, Deaf Unit organized a study trip to VangVieng District. the purpose of the trip is to learn how to manage the micro finance project to improve the better living condition of People with Disability in Namone and Phathong Villlage - Vangvieng District, Vientiane Province.

This project have been funded by HIB with the cooperation with local government sectors. although the project is priority to PWD, all the villagers are able to borrow the money from the project. A small amount of money (between 1 - 2 million Kip) will be lending with 3%/month interest for PWD and 5%/month for non-PWD villagers. 

During a study trip the deaf members were able to learned how to set up and manage the funds which will be used for set up the deaf funds to help their members.
Project team presented about the project
Deaf Unit learn about how to manage the project
Learning how to keep record on lending
Meeting with Vanvieng Labor Division

Deaf Unit Director presented souvenir to representative from Vannvieng Labor division 
Deaf Director introduce about deaf unit to head of Villager and Namone Village 
Deaf Unit Director presented souvenir to representative from Namone and Phathong Village

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