Friday, September 17, 2010

Sale of paintings to fund publication of sign language dictionary

(KPL) One hundred paintings, the fine art work of Laotians and Thais would be exhibited at Novotel Orchid Hotel, Vientiane, for two days, 27-28 March and they would also be for sale. Fifty of them were donated by Mahasarakham University.
According to a press conference held in the premises of the Lao Journalists� Association on 19 March by the organiser of this exhibition, the proceeds from the sale would be used to write and publish the Lao sign language dictionary, a publication that would be most useful for deaf people of Laos.
The exhibition is organised by the Lao Fine Arts Association, Ministry of Information and Culture, and Mahasarakham University.
The organisers also said that this proposed dictionary would play an important role in socially integrating the deaf people into society.
The Deaf Unit of the Lao Disabled People�s Association was the driving force behind the production of such a dictionary and acted as the coordinator of various stakeholders from diverse fields, social strata, information, deaf schools and NGOs

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