Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Perfomences on International Deaf Day Celebration in Lao PDR 22 September 2010

The highlight of the shows on this year events was the 'sung'  Lao national anthem in Lao Sign Language, this was the first time for the deaf.

Ms. Lattana, SL interpreter, help deaf group for this performance
  The deaf school performed three shows: traditional dancing, couple dancing and telling traditional story

Mr. Beejouha told 'farmer and snake' by Sign Language
   The other special shows were performed by deaf member for South Korea

The group sung 'you are bone to be love'

Ms. Kim Hee Jeong performed one of the South Korea traditional shows

Ms. Kim Hee Jeong performed hip hop dance
The last showed was the performance of 'Lao Bang Fai' (Lao rocket) band and the deaf member

Mr. Tawan - deaf member

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