Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lao Deaf Unit attended the Human and Disabilites Rights Workshop

Lao Deaf Unit has a chance to voice up at the Human and Disability Right Workshops organized by Lao Disable People Association and National Committee for Disabled People supported by AusAID on the project Building human and disability rights institutional structures in the Lao PDR.

The aims of the workshop is to raise awareness about disabilities rights; the content of the workshop include the introduction to disability, the presentation of UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disability, the talk by resources persons who represent each type of disability.

The Deaf Unit has two presentation which include the introduction to the deaf culture and barriers of the deaf living in society and the movement of the Deaf Unit from 2003 to 2010.

The organizer plan to have 12 series workshops for different government sectors and mass organization which include:

  • Group 1: Prosecutor and Court sector 
  • Group 2: Kaisone PHOMVIHAN National Defense Academy
  • Group 3: Lao Front for National Construction, Lao People's Revolutionary youth Union and Lao Federation of Trade Union
  • Group 4: Lao Women Union
  • Group 5: Ministry of Industrial and Commerce, Ministry of Planing and Investment and National Chamber of Commerce
  • Group 6: Teachers from Lao National University and private college
  • Group 7: Lao Bar Association
  • Group 8: Representative of private companies 
  • Group 9: Propaganda and training Committee of the Central Committee, Office of the Party Central Committee and Central Control Committee
  • Group 10: Police Academy 
  • Group 11: National Assembly, Prime Minister Office and Presidential Office 
  • Group 12: Vientiane Capital Administration Office

Group photo with participants from Kaisone PHOMVIHAN National Defense Academy

Bountem, Director of Deaf Unit, guide how to sign

ice-breaking activities to show the difficulty of communication

presented gift to participants who won the ice-breaking activity

Bountem presented about the movement of Lao Deaf Unit since 2003 - 2010

Comments from silent voices

On the 4 of November 2010 Deaf Unit have been invited to the consultation workshop for formulating an action plan for people with disabilities. This workshop is funded by AusAID on the project Building human and disability rights institutional structures in the Lao PDR. This project aims to developed ministerial action plans for promote the rights of people with disabilities; seven ministries have involve in this project namely: Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Public Work and Transportation, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Information and Culture and Ministry of Finance.
The representative from Deaf Unit emphasize on the employment opportunity for the deaf and how the concerned agencies can help them.  
Phanita, representative from deaf unit
The following are the VDO of Phanita presentation and the ice breaking activity  presentation ice breaking activities

Performance during the First Meeting of States Parties to the Convention on Cluster Munitions

Two representative from Lao Deaf Unit participated in the show with Lao Bang Fai and other disability friends to commemorate the First Meeting of States Parties to the Convention on Cluster Munitions.

Creates in 2004, Lao Bang Fa is a dance group that uses street hip-hop techniques to promote modern and traditional culture, primarily targeting Lao PDR's younger generations. the group welcomes marginalized youth such as street children, and aims to inspire young people to share and exchange their feelings through positive expression and to communicate a message of peace and inclusion. The  nationally famous group has -  and continues to - enhance awareness among Lao citizens about the rights of persons with disabilities as well as other marginalized groups. Lao Bang Fai delivers wide-spread messages about the added value of people with disabilities within an inclusive society 
Source: HIB   
Tawan and Phanita - deaf memebers

The following are the link to the VDO of the performance which combine by 4 shows telling different story by different type of disabled people: part one talked about the imagination of Nam Pheuang, the girl with intellectual disability, part two show the life of deaf people, part three is the inclusive society where everyone can help each other and part 4 is the story of Vongsavath, a boy who fight for living after suffer from an accident from an unexplored bomb.  part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 performance at NRC

Lao Deaf Unit attended the 'First Meeting of States Parties to The Convention on cluster Munitions

Lao Deaf Unit participated in the remarkable event 'First Meeting of States Parties to The Convention on cluster Munitions' from 9-12 November 2010 in Vientiane Lao PDR

The meeting brought together more than 1,200 delegates from 121 nations. These included delegates from the 40 countries that have ratified the convention, 47 signatory countries and 34 nations that have not signed the convention.

Participants also included those representing more than 150 international and regional organizations as well as non-governmental organizations.

Signed by 108 states and ratified by 46 states, the convention obliges state parties to destroy stockpiles within eight years and clear affected areas within 10 years. The convention also obliges party states to provide an unprecedented level of assistance to cluster munitions victims.

During the meeting, several nations announced contributions to UXO clearance in Laos totaling about US$30 million through grant aid and non-governmental organisation funding.

The 66-point plan commits to implement fully all of the obligations under the convention and speed up deadlines and set budgets as well as targets to make it happen. The United Nations issued strong statements of support at the Vientiane meeting and remains committed to the convention, its early universalize and full implementation.
The meeting agreed to reconvene in Lebanon in September 2011, as that country is also seriously contaminated by cluster bombs.
Source: Vientiane Times
His Excellency Chummaly SAYYASONE president of Lao PDR delivered opening speech 

Mr. Toummy, victims from unexplored bomb shared his life experience
Photo taking with Mr. Phetsavang Sounnalath - Deputy Director of The National Regulatory Authority for the UXO/Mine Action Sector in the Lao PDR

Lao Deaf Unit joining the boost exhibition with LDPA

Motita taught how to sang Lao National Anthem in SL

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Third day of DHHU annual meeting

The last day of the annual meeting of DHHU discussed three main issues:
 lesson learn from the meeting previous day

reporting on 2010 activities what have been done and what still need to be done
future plans which emphasize on finding other donor to run the project after SHIA funding which will finished the end of 2010

Ms. Monita reported on activities done during 2010

Ms. Phanita Maiphone presented souvenir to Mr. Ichiro Miyamoto Director of regional Secretariat in Asia/Pacific  

The bag printed the Lao SL alphabet

Mr. Bountem Chantalivong presented souvirnir to Ms. Kristina Ackzen representative of Swedish Association of Hard of hearing people

Mr. Bountem Chantalivong prented souvenir to Ms. Yvonne Modid, vice -president of Swedish National Association of the deaf, and Mr. Tomas Hedberg, WFD board member    

souvenir for SL interpreter from Sweeden

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

DHHU annual meeting: presentation of results and plans for the future

Lao Deaf and Hard of Hearing Unit organized the annual meeting to present about their activities and future plan; the meeting was held at National Rehabilitation Center on 2 November 2010 with more than 40 participants from governments agencies, representative from World Federation of the Deaf, Swedish National Association of the Deaf, Swedish association of hard of hearing people, NGOs, disabled organizations, deaf members and their parents.
The meeting was started with the presentation of Mr. Bountem Chantalivong - director of DHHU- about what have they done for seven year from 2003 - 2010under the financial support form SHIA. some of the key success include: the expansion of members net work and special school for the deaf and hard of hearing children in two provinces namely Luangprabang and Savannakhet. Latest data shown that there are 278 members in three provinces with the highest number of 218 members in Vientiane Capital. The other successful stories is the strengthening the capacity of DHHU board members and other members through many trainings, for instance: leadership training, sign language training, writing project proposal training, and advocacy training.

Then the future plans was introduced which include the development of Lao Sign Language Dictionary project, preparing to register as NPA, public awareness raising, increase number of SL interpreter, and teaching Lao sign Language for deaf children who are not able to access school.  

 After the presentation there was a active discussion and many comments were raise:
  • upgrade the sign language interpreter both in term of quantity and quality
  • public awareness raising about disability rights and the important of Sign Language
  • upgrade teachers at deaf schools
  • expansion of deaf school 
  • sign languages training for government officer, employers and parents 
  • expansion of member net work to every district in Vientiane Capital
Mr. Ichiro Miyamoto - director of regional secretariat in Asia/ Pacific - suggested the following issue:
  • should advocate for sign language interpreting services on national television 
  • should advocate for deaf members to have driving license 
  • should strengthen the capacity of deaf members to be self-advocate 
  • should strengthen international cooperation especially within the region  
Mr. Bounvien Luangyoth, president of Lao Disable People Association gave key note speech

Self-introduction section

all participants

Mr. Bountem Chantavivong, director of DHHU, explain the meaning of the Logo

Phanita, DHHU board member share ideas for future plans

Bountem, presented about activities that have done from 2003 - 2010 and DHHU future plan

Soulideth, DHHU member sharing ideas to future plans

Richard shared experience on deaf development in Thailand

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lao Deaf and Hard of Hearing Unit Annual meeting (day one 1 November 2010)

During 1-3 November 2010 Lao Deaf and Hard of Hearing Unit (DHHU) organized the annual meeting with SHIA to sum up what they have been done and present about the future plan. The first day was the internal meeting between DHHU and representative from SHIA. In the morning, Mr. Ichiro Miyamoto presented about WFD and the movement of Deaf People in the Asia and Pacific Region and among ASEAN countries. In the afternoon, Mr. Bountem Chantalivong, Director of DHHU, presented about their presentation for the second day meeting. many positive comment were raise during the meeting which lead to a better preparation for the next day meeting

Mr. Ichoro Miyamoto, Director of Regional Secretariat in Asia/Pacific, WFD

Mr. Bountem Chantalivong, Direcotr of DHHU, presented their works