Sunday, October 31, 2010

Visiting Selangor School of the Deaf

During the second day of the study tour the deaf team visited Selangor school of the deaf.
This is the only one special school for the deaf from 7 - 14 years old in Selangor state. This year there are 122 student enrolled (71 male students and 51 female students). The school encourage the students to achieve all curriculum by their own ability  

Meeting with School principle team

Present gift to School Principle

Pre-year class

Deaf teacher at IT class

School motto

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Visiting MFD's affiliates

Lao Deaf Unit had a chance to visit two MFD's affiliated namely Kuala Lumpur Society of the Deaf (KLSD) and Melaka Society of the Deaf (POPNM)

Each affiliate, located in each state in Malaysia, has a One-Stop Centers (PUSKOM) for the deaf which provides numerous services for the deaf community such as:
  • Bridging the digital divide and poverty eradication-free ICT classes
  • Communication and Information accessibility through ICT (Video Replay Services)
  • Education program and talks
  • Gatherings and activities - Malaysian Sign Language class for the public, Adult Literacy Programs, Women's program and art &craft workshops
  • Service Center - Sign Language Interpreting service, employment, peer counselling    

The Lao Deaf team signed in visiting book at KLSD

Gift exchange with representative of POPNM

Malaysian Federation of the Deaf

During the study trip in Malaysia, Lao deaf team visited Malaysian Federation of the Deaf to learned about the development of the deaf in Malaysia.

The Malaysian Federation of the Deaf (MFD) is a self-funding NGO administered by the deaf for the welfare of deaf people. Established in 1997, MFD has 13 affiliates that serve the community for the deaf, regardless of religion, gender, race or ethnicity.

MFD's Vision: In line with national development objectives, MFD aspires to establish a community of deaf people that is both capable and competitive academically, socially, economically and career-wise

Bounteum Chantalivong - Director of Lao Deaf Unit signed in MFD visiting book

Sariah presented about MFD

Abdun Rahman guided the tour at MFD

MFD's library

One stop center for the deaf

Discussed with MFD's staff

Mohamad Sazali Shaari - president of MFD share experiences on setting up MFD

Director of Lao deaf unit presented gift to MFD's president

Group photo with MFD's president