Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Friendship football match to mark the International Deaf Day celebration in Lao PDR

One of activities celebrating the International Deaf Day 2010 in Lao PDR was the friendship foot ball match. On the 24 September 2010 Lao Deaf and Hard of Hearing team was playing with Lao Press Association at Thanongad stadium. The winner of this game was the LDDH team with the score 2 - 1.

LDHH (the red suit)

cheer learders

  On the 25 September 2010 was a match between LDHH and Thai Deaf Association. The game was so excited, the final result was the victory of Thai Deaf Association with the score was 10 - 7
LDHH team

LDHH's captain presented gift to TDA's captain


LDHH's cheer leaders

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