Thursday, November 11, 2010

Third day of DHHU annual meeting

The last day of the annual meeting of DHHU discussed three main issues:
 lesson learn from the meeting previous day

reporting on 2010 activities what have been done and what still need to be done
future plans which emphasize on finding other donor to run the project after SHIA funding which will finished the end of 2010

Ms. Monita reported on activities done during 2010

Ms. Phanita Maiphone presented souvenir to Mr. Ichiro Miyamoto Director of regional Secretariat in Asia/Pacific  

The bag printed the Lao SL alphabet

Mr. Bountem Chantalivong presented souvirnir to Ms. Kristina Ackzen representative of Swedish Association of Hard of hearing people

Mr. Bountem Chantalivong prented souvenir to Ms. Yvonne Modid, vice -president of Swedish National Association of the deaf, and Mr. Tomas Hedberg, WFD board member    

souvenir for SL interpreter from Sweeden

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