Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lao Deaf and Hard of Hearing Unit Annual meeting (day one 1 November 2010)

During 1-3 November 2010 Lao Deaf and Hard of Hearing Unit (DHHU) organized the annual meeting with SHIA to sum up what they have been done and present about the future plan. The first day was the internal meeting between DHHU and representative from SHIA. In the morning, Mr. Ichiro Miyamoto presented about WFD and the movement of Deaf People in the Asia and Pacific Region and among ASEAN countries. In the afternoon, Mr. Bountem Chantalivong, Director of DHHU, presented about their presentation for the second day meeting. many positive comment were raise during the meeting which lead to a better preparation for the next day meeting

Mr. Ichoro Miyamoto, Director of Regional Secretariat in Asia/Pacific, WFD

Mr. Bountem Chantalivong, Direcotr of DHHU, presented their works

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