Sunday, November 21, 2010

Comments from silent voices

On the 4 of November 2010 Deaf Unit have been invited to the consultation workshop for formulating an action plan for people with disabilities. This workshop is funded by AusAID on the project Building human and disability rights institutional structures in the Lao PDR. This project aims to developed ministerial action plans for promote the rights of people with disabilities; seven ministries have involve in this project namely: Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Public Work and Transportation, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Information and Culture and Ministry of Finance.
The representative from Deaf Unit emphasize on the employment opportunity for the deaf and how the concerned agencies can help them.  
Phanita, representative from deaf unit
The following are the VDO of Phanita presentation and the ice breaking activity  presentation ice breaking activities

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