Saturday, October 30, 2010

Malaysian Federation of the Deaf

During the study trip in Malaysia, Lao deaf team visited Malaysian Federation of the Deaf to learned about the development of the deaf in Malaysia.

The Malaysian Federation of the Deaf (MFD) is a self-funding NGO administered by the deaf for the welfare of deaf people. Established in 1997, MFD has 13 affiliates that serve the community for the deaf, regardless of religion, gender, race or ethnicity.

MFD's Vision: In line with national development objectives, MFD aspires to establish a community of deaf people that is both capable and competitive academically, socially, economically and career-wise

Bounteum Chantalivong - Director of Lao Deaf Unit signed in MFD visiting book

Sariah presented about MFD

Abdun Rahman guided the tour at MFD

MFD's library

One stop center for the deaf

Discussed with MFD's staff

Mohamad Sazali Shaari - president of MFD share experiences on setting up MFD

Director of Lao deaf unit presented gift to MFD's president

Group photo with MFD's president


  1. did they have a library for deaf person ? hope a fast feedback :) thanks you.